hexapit II
fine art firepit

series of 10 editions

by matt bajor



Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel

Tempered Glass



~3 Feet in Diameter

~18 Inches Tall

5 Inch High Glass

6 Inches Off Ground


Ornamental Fire Pan

Wood + Gas Fired

Glass Windscreen

Stainless Fire Screen*

* Optional + Not Shown in Renderings


Hexapit II is a Fine Art fire pit that I've been designing and refining for the past year. It's a piece that uses sacred geometry and modern materials to give a stunning presentation of the traditional campfire for a lifetime.

It burns both propane and wood, giving you the option of starting your wood fire with propane or perhaps enjoying a mess-free propane fire during a fire ban.

Available for commission in the mid thousands.


HexapitII Bottom

Fire Pan

The fire pan stands 12 inches tall and is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel perforated with a hexagonal design. The base contains an optional sliding door under a large diameter grate to allow easy cleaning of ashes without having to move the platforms.

The legs are made of Carbon Steel and thus will develop a patina over time that, with the copper plumbing, contrasts the shiny stainless for a nice juxtaposition of materials.

Burn platforms

Carbon Steel Tops

Carbon Steel Legs

Propane Burners



316 Stainless Frame

Heavy-Duty Mesh

Loading Door

wind guard

Tempered Glass

5 Inches Tall

Matching Pattern

propane +


Living in Wyoming, I know that it's not always feasible to have a traditional wood fire. For this reason, I've integrated a propane fire system into the burn platforms themselves.

Consisting of 6 Venturi burners providing aural stimulation in addition to visual and acting as ignitors for any grade wood you may care to burn.

Coupled with the Venturi jets, there are standard propane burners (not shown) emitting a yellow/orange flame. These two sets of burners can be run in tandem or one at a time to conserve fuel.



Gas fire system

180,000 BTU

7 Venturi Jets

7 Yellow-Flame Burners

manual or electronic

Safety Pilot System

Electronic Control (optional)

Remote Control (optional)


Propane / Natural Gas


Start Wood With Gas

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