Petit Grand v.1 Aluminum  Sculpture of the Grand Teton
  • Petit Grand v.1 Aluminum Sculpture of the Grand Teton


    Title: Petit Grand v.1

    Medium: Aluminum, Wood

    Dimensions: 5.25" x 5.25" x 5" tall

    Year: 2020

    Collection: Digital Tectonics

    Editions: Unlimited
    Features: Hand cast aluminum, accurate topography of the Grand Teton, andozing available

    Lead Time: In stock ready to ship.


    Petit Grand v.1 - AL is a hand-casted aluminum sculpture of the Grand Teton in Jackson Hole Wyoming. It is the first casting I have done and is the first output of my learnings in parametric design.


    Each sculpture is hand finished and adjusted at various steps along the way from the wax casting, to the plaster mold, and finally the finished sculpture. These are made using a lost-wax casting process and so each sculpture is completely unique due to the single use mold process.

    • Care Instructions

      • Apply a natural beeswax-based finish to the box occasionally to keep the wood looking stunning.
      • Wax is applied to the sculpture upon completion and may be buffed with a soft cloth to bring out the luster.
      • Do not ingest your sculpture, it may present a choking hazard.
      • Petit Grand v.1 is not a medical device and should not be used as such. All medical type uses are unsupported.
      • Use at your own risk, peril, and danger. Components were used that are known to the state of California to kill you over the course of 40-200 years, please be careful.